I’ve been coaching people both formally and informally since the 1990’s. It started as the teams I was managing grew and as any good manager should do, I looked at where people could improve their own skills and abilities so they could grow into new roles. What you learn within this, is that people bring their beliefs and assumptions into what they do, or perceive they can do. At this point I started looking at human behaviour and found it fascinating, especially NLP. Our ability to program our own thoughts. There’s still nothing I like better than to sit with someone when they reach that ‘ah-ha’ moment when they suddenly realise that they can change either their behaviour or their thinking.
As I moved on from the corporate world to starting up, and running a range of business, being a consultant and dealing with business growth. I realised that I could pass on my experience to others. Business, in theory, isn’t that hard. There’s a mass of books on the bookshelf, courses galore, and everyone will offer advice. The real issue is about dealing with it all at once, rolling up your sleeves and getting things done, and at the same time taking a step back and considering where everything is going. For those who are solo-preneurs, this is even harder as there’s no one else but you in many of these cases.

My value is in helping you see and understand the situation without bias. Then offering a framework to question and reevaluate some of the core issues both for you, and your business. Then proving you with some tools and activities to make decisions and overcome obstacles. As well as being that all-important sounding board.

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